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Natural Medicine Consultations

Who can benefit?
What happens?

Who can benefit?
Because it addresses health at a cellular level, Natural Medicine is an appropriate treatment for disorders of all systems of the body. In experienced hands it can often resolve or ameliorate conditions that have resisted conventional treatment. With care, it may also be used to support the body in conjunction with conventional treatment. It is suitable for all ages, from babies to the elderly.

Aims of treatment
You are possibly seeking a Natural Medicine consultation with a specific health goal in mind. The essential aim of this approach is to help you to attain your realistic health goals. In addition Judy aims to illuminate your path to a future of health and vitality by encouraging appropriate self help. This powerful form of holistic treatment is grounded in both modern science and traditional healing wisdom.

Judy’s informal, friendly and down- to-earth professional style is underpinned with a sound training in medical sciences, naturopathic philosophy and active listening skills. Her diagnosis and treatment approach is based on 20 years of clinical experience as a herbalist. During this time she has successfully treated a wide range of ailments and disorders with natural medicine and stress management support. She encourages each client to make sense of their own health problems and stress responses using simple explanations and background reading if appropriate. Many clients report that this offers a welcome opportunity to take stock and reassess how to live life with their own best interests at heart.

By listening closely to your “health story” – your presenting symptoms, present lifestyle and health history – Judy seeks to identify the root causes of your present illness or disorder. She seeks to simplify complex problems by viewing your illness as a probable result of a sustained imbalance. She reviews your history in terms of the three essentials for health – nutrition, elimination or coordination (nervous or hormonal balance). By identifying any symptom patterns resulting from excess or deficiency of each it then becomes clearer how to help you walk you back out of present problems.

Once patterns are identified, Judy chooses priority treatment directions and prescribes the most appropriate foods, herbs and natural supplements. These supplements are concentrated food stuffs, vitamins, minerals or combinations of these, and are all natural products from natural sources. They may be used to help resolve specific issues, enhance metabolic processes, or build up vital body stores of nutrients where there may have been a long-term imbalance. Judy does, however, aim to keep supplements to a minimum and allow dietary changes and herbal medicines to do the majority of the work. Changes in eating habits, and the right quality foods, can be amazingly powerful, often achieving the results you want in a surprisingly short time. Sometimes the problem is caused less by what you are eating and more by “what is eating you”. A non-judgmental listening ear is often greatly valued. Judy willingly refers clients to other professionals if it seems that their skills are required.

What happens?
Your initial appointment will last around 90 minutes. This allows Judy time to listen carefully to your health concerns, explore your present diet and lifestyle balance and build up a picture of any patterns from your medical history. You may also be asked to complete a “Functional Medicine Questionnaire” or be recommended to seek diagnostic laboratory tests for further clarity of your health picture in more complex cases. Iridology is often used in the first consultation to assess constitutional type and imbalances in digestion and other systems. Prescribed medications from your doctor will be checked for interactions, where known, with any natural medicines before they are prescribed. Please bring a list of any prescribed medications, and dosages, to your first appointment.

Herbal medicine prescriptions are usually given in the form of a bottle of herbal tincture comprising a mixture of several herbal extracts. This method of prescription allows for each individual’s mixture to address several treatment directions simultaneously – a powerful, effective and yet gentle medicine. Side effects are rare with experienced prescribing. At the end of the first consultation Judy also negotiates the first steps in nutrition and lifestyle change that may be required to achieve and maintain your desired health goals. Likes and dislikes are taken into account and recipe books, cookery tips or inspirational reading recommended if required.

Subsequent consultations aim to build on initial treatment responses and increase intensity or widen direction of treatment. These will require up to one hour. Once treatment is established this may be reduced to half an hour, and maintenance treatment may require a repeat prescription only in some cases. Simple conditions require shorter and less intense treatment programmes than complex and longstanding ailments. Reflexology may be used to support subsequent treatments or as an energy balancing therapy in its own right.