Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine is a holistic approach to health care that aims to support each individual’s inherent self-healing capacity using nutrition and herbal medicines. Many clients with complex or persistent health problems are now turning to holistic treatments to aid their return to health.

Conventional medicine has developed diagnostic skills, drugs and techniques in acute medicine and surgery which save and improve countless lives. However, the growing epidemic of  lifestyle and stress related chronic disease do not respond well to drug based interventions, which are best suited to isolated disease processes.

By contrast, holistically trained herbalists and nutritional therapists focus on treating the person rather than the disease – an approach better suited to chronic health problems. Patients are seen as individuals who may have bodily and mind based symptoms, imbalances and dysfunctions. The therapist seeks to identify and address the root causes of disease, and views the body as one integrated system, not a collection of independent organs divided up by medical specialities.

This traditional approach has recently been rediscovered by pioneering doctors in USA and around the world and is the basis of a new movement called “Functional Medicine”. Since qualifying as a nutritional therapist in 2008,  Judy has studied extensively with the Institute of Functional Medicine by webinar and seminars. She offers her clients a marriage of her traditional herbal knowledge with modern functional medicine testing and research based nutritional treatments.

Judy’s Treatment Approach

Many common health problems are caused by lifestyle choices and environmental imbalance – too much of what we do not need or too little of what we do need. Judy’s job as your therapist is to find out where these imbalances lie in your particular case and prioritise treatment to address the most fundamental disturbances first. This process of enquiry may be based purely on case history or be supported with functional laboratory tests for digestive, hormonal or biochemical imbalances, food intolerances and nutritional status.  Tests are arranged through functional medicine laboratories, using postal sample collection kits for urine, saliva, stool and/or blood.

Lifestyle and nutritional changes are planned in collaboration with you, the client. Changes are adapted to fit in with your lifestyle and tastes.  Inherited or acquired weaknesses are also explored. Part of the unique value of individualised nutritional and herbal medicine is its ability to support and often heal weak organs and systems.

Personalised herbal mixtures are prescribed and dispensed in the clinic, at the end of the consultation. Nutritional supplements may also be recommended to fill in nutritional gaps or support healing while your new healthier food choices are becoming established.


Many clients find relaxation and energy balancing a valuable component of recovery from stress related health concerns.  Judy offers a short session of foot reflexology to complement and support her nutritional and herbal treatment where appropriate. Clients wanting a deeper-level relaxation treatment can book a longer session of reflexology as a stand alone treatment.

Some of the reported benefits of a course of Natural Medicine treatment

  • Regaining your natural weight and appetite control. 
  • More energy – restoring your “get up and go”
  • Better digestion reduce heartburn, wind and discomfort
  • Flat stomach (no more bloated-belly)
  • Healthier, clearer and stronger skin, hair and nails
  • More supple joints and reduced inflammation
  • Improved sleep
  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Stabilized blood sugar.
  • Clearer thinking, better moods and more positive sense of self
  • Improved resistance to infections.
  • Potential for reduction of dependency on pharmaceuticals (in consultation with your GP)
  • Improved hormonal balance
  • Supportive post cancer treatment recovery programme