How Natural Medicine Works

• Natural Medicine combines the philosophy of Naturopathy with a wealth of modern scientific studies on the effects of natural compounds on body processes.
• Natural Medicine is a holistic treatment method that addresses the patient’s present health picture using a detailed exploration of their constitution and history of stressors, illnesses and subtle imbalances over their lifetime. Diagnosis looks principally for functional imbalances. The practitioner may also use laboratory tests or alternative diagnostic aids (e.g. iridology) to assess functional state.• Treatment involves lifestyle and dietary guidance and prescribed biological medicines that work to promote positive health. Relaxation and exercise are encouraged.

• Medicines take the form of individually prescribed herbal mixtures (teas and/or tinctures) with nutritional supplements where appropriate.

• This treatment has particular benefit for chronic (prolonged, stable or slowly progressive) ailments or illnesses, hormonal or nervous imbalances and digestive dysfunctions. It can be, and often is, used in conjunction with conventional medicines. Many patients find they can wean themselves off a reliance on prescription medicines by improving their health with natural medicine. Cooperation with medical practitioners is advised and encouraged.

• The difference between this approach and conventional medicine is that practitioners of Natural Medicine focus on the terrain in which the disease grew, rather than the disease itself. The guidance and medicines they offer serve to promote balanced function by providing the body with something it needs or helping to rid it of something it does not need by supporting detoxification.

• Thus the three essentials of health are assessed and addressed uniquely for each client – nutrition, coordination and elimination. A good holistic therapist considers these at all levels of the patient’s being – cellular to spiritual.