Hormonal Support and Fertility

Hormonal Health

The Western Herbal Medicine tradition offers us numerous herbal remedies for women’s health.  Over centuries both European and North American Indian “wise women” healers developed considerable expertise in the use of herbal remedies to support fertility, pregnancy, birth, menstrual problems and menopause. Many modern Medical Herbalists have now added adrenal, male and general hormonal tonics from Eastern herbal traditions to their dispensaries.

Scientific studies show the effects of  chronic and severe life stress, environmental pollution and  prolonged dietary imbalance on the subtle balance of a hormones in both the male and female body.  Nutritional medicine research has provided insights into a wide range of essential nutrients necessary for hormonal health.

Fertility Support for Women and Men

Many couples experiencing prolonged fertility difficulties believe that medical assistance is their only option, and embark on a circuit of tests, waiting and interventions.  However, a more natural approach to optimising general and hormonal health is available. For many couples this makes sense as a first step to improve chances of a natural conception or, if necessary, to prepare the body for assisted conception. An investment in the woman’s pre-conceptual health also prepares the body for the extra demands of pregnancy.

Recent developments in non-invasive hormonal testing (using blood or saliva samples sent for private laboratory analysis) have provided the Natural Medicine therapist with valuable information that can identify cyclic or stress hormone disturbances and thus help fine-tune the use of herbal and nutritional remedies. Clinical experience shows that well targeted intervention with natural foods, lifestyle counseling on stress reduction, herbs and specific nutrients can successfully support hormonal rebalancing in both men and women.  In many cases a few months of hormonal regulation with natural medicine is all it takes to allow the body to rebalance itself and optimize fertility.

Couples are asked to commit to using contraception during active herbal and nutritional pre-conceptual programmes and advised on the use of pregnancy-safe supplements and herbs when pregnancy is possible. 

The holistic approach to female hormonal health

Over her twenty two years in practice, Judy Patterson has helped women with fertility difficulties, menstrual problems, menopausal discomfort and stress hormone imbalances. Due to the complexity of influences on hormones within the body, treatment for these problems needs to be sensitive and holistic while remaining grounded in a good understanding of  female anatomy and physiology.  Experience has shown that Judy’s combination of  skills in herbal medicine, active listening, nutritional medicine and reflexology provides a valuable treatment option for a wide range of women’s problems.