Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine is a relatively new scientific discipline, taught to BSc degree level. Practitioners are referred to as Nutritional Therapists,  using a holistic therapeutic approach that differs from both nutritionists and dieticians.

How Nutritional Therapists work:

•Each individual is treated as a unique individual according to their metabolic and constitutional needs. To ascertain the most useful treatment, a case history is taken to identify symptom patterns, dietary and life-style history and present stressors and eating habits.

•Individuals are sensitively coached in gradual dietary changes to suit their aspirations and practical limitations.

•Self education and responsibility for future health is actively encouraged. Guidance is often given on resources, recipes, sources of foods and preparation methods as necessary.

•Repeat visits reinforce new dietary habits, answers queries, addresses difficulties and adjust direction and intensity to suit progress.

• Herbal medicine can add extra intensity and focuses the direction of nutritional treatment. The combination of both therapies in professionally trained hands offers a uniquely effective and yet gentle tool for transformation of health and wellbeing.