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Testimonial One

Fatigue and yeast overgrowth

I have suffered from debilitating fatigue for 14 years. I then developed recurring digestive discomfort after a few years and suffered from persistent yeast infections (chronic candida). In June, after failing to get any relief of symptoms from conventional medical interventions, I went to Judy for a consultation. It was the best thing I could have done. Now nine months later, thanks to Judy’s dietary advice, supplements and herbal remedies, I am free of candida symptoms and have a pain free, normal functioning gut. She has also been working on my poor energy and immune function with some success. I have also begun a supplement regime to help restore my bone health as I have been informed I have lowered bone mass. I am most grateful to Judy and would highly recommend her services.

Female (60’s). Inverurie

Testimonial Two

Blood sugar imbalance, weight, energy

“I consulted Judy in January this year. I knew something was wrong. I was putting on weight despite exercise and felt run down, with low moods. Due to work and other pressures I wasn’t eating properly and using caffeine and quick processed foods to get through a day. I had reached the limits of my endurance. It was literally garbage in, garbage out.

Judy’s diagnosis and her advice regarding nutrition and supplements, which I have followed, has given me renewed vigor and energy. I have lost weight and feel energized. I have regained mental clarity. What’s more, with Judy’s nutritional advice I feel in control of what I eat (less addicted to sugar etc) and now choose to eat the most natural and fresh produce available. Consulting a nutritionist has literally changed my life”

Male (30’s). Aberdeen

Testimonial Three

Looking for a boost

Nine months ago I went to Judy Patterson on the advice of a friend. I was feeling old and creaky and a bit listless. I found her advice over diet and life-style very helpful, and after following her recommended regime, and taking the supplements she recommended, soon felt much brighter, clearer, lost a lot of weight and had much more energy than before. I am now on a basic maintenance programme of herbs and good food and continue to feel the benefit. Whereas I cannot pretend to be entirely young, I am much more prepared to give it a go! Thank you Judy!

Male, early 70’s

Testimonial Four

Fertility support

Hi Judy,

I was a client of yours at your Inverurie practice a few years ago, and now have 2 beautiful children. I wonder if you still have my notes, as I would like to try for another baby. I have discovered that I have the same hormonal problems as I did back then, low progesterone levels and poor ovulation.

At the time, you made me 2 different herbal combinations to use during the first half and second half of my cycle. Please let me know if I can order them as it was very effective at regulating my cycle.

Your support and expertise was key to restoring my fertility, after losing 3 pregnancies I really thought I would never be a mother. Finding you helped me avoid expensive and unnecessary medical intervention. The saliva test you recommended gave an accurate reading of my hormonal levels and you made me the right herbs to support my body functions.

I cannot forget the nutritional advice either, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and alfalfa shoots growing in my kitchen. I had absolute confidence in you and followed your instructions to the letter. In Feb five years ago, I found out I was pregnant and sailed through my pregnancy, my son was born in October. And then, 2 years later, my little girl was born. It is a real pleasure to have met you and I wish you all the best in your practice.

Kind regards
Female (30’s)
Epsom, Surrey

Testimonial Five

Digestive difficulties

After being bedridden for almost two weeks with violent sickness and diarrhea I was left with a chronic diarrhea problem that affected my work and social life. I visited the doctor many times and spent a week in hospital without any answers or respite from this uncomfortable condition. I turned to Judy Patterson who listened and treat me as an individual. This was the beginning of my recovery. Over just a few friendly sessions, herbal medicine, probiotics, supplements and a change of diet, I started to finally get results. I am now able to enjoy life without being held back by illness.

Male (20’s) Aberdeenshire

Testimonial Six

Post-Operative Bowel Function support

I first contacted Judy a few months after surgery for rectal cancer. I was suffering from ongoing digestive problems and I sought her advice. She was very thorough and professional in researching my condition, for which she prescribed various dietary supplements. Following a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis test that she organized for me through a private laboratory, she was also able to prescribe a highly individualized course of herbal remedies and probiotics. Both of these approaches led to a big improvement in my health. They calmed my bowel condition so that I am now able to live a much more normal life. I am much indebted to Judy.

Female (50’s) Edinburgh

Testimonial Seven

Food intolerances and digestive disturbance

Having suffered for years with bouts of vomiting, upset stomach, rashes, mystery illness, heartburn and tiredness to name but a few of my many problems, all mixed with stress and frequent doses of antibiotics, I felt ill on a daily basis and never seemed to be getting any better. If anything things were getting a lot worse. An antacid helped for a while but lost its benefits after taking it for 4 years. By then, everything I ate seemed to disagree with me. Tests proved negative except that I had a low iron reading

Talking to a friend one day, she mentioned a case of someone with a similar complex health problem who was helped by a herbalist. Searching the internet for someone in my area I came across Judy Patterson, a Medical Herbalist in Inverurie.

To cut a long story short she has managed to get me back on track and sort out my many problems caused by food intolerance and past lifestyle. It is not a quick fix and you have to be strict and follow the diet restrictions and instructions that you are given. Reading the books Judy lent me also helped enormously as I found that most of my unexplained ailments were all down in writing and they hadn’t been in my head or due to my age as I had frequently been told!

Finding Judy Patterson has helped me lead a normal life again, although I will always have to have to follow a careful diet. The only downside really is that the medication can be a bit pricey, but how can you put a price on your health?

Female (60’s). Turriff

Testimonial Eight

Low Energy, Low Mood

I am what is known as a ‘heart sink’ patient to GP’s as I have suffered from a prolonged period of exhaustion. This condition is not well understood by most doctors and even the sympathetic ones have been unable to offer much to help me get better.

Judy’s gentle, non-judgmental and deep interest in me, not as a complex case, but as a human being has been a lifeline. She has improved my diet and provided medicine and supplements to support the body, but just as important, she has helped me to deal with my condition from an emotional/dare I say ‘spiritual’ place. If you believe in the placebo effect, you will have some understanding of the power of the mind on real physical symptoms and conditions; Judy has helped me to pay more attention and to learn more about myself from an holistic perspective and that has definitely helped me to heal.

Judy has more than surpassed my expectations and I know I am only recovering so well because of her fantastic support and knowledge.

Female (40’s) Kemnay


Testimonial Nine

Nervous Exhaustion and Anxiety

“Three months ago I sustained a terrifying event, which in the space of eighteen hours, shattered my life. Most significantly, it left me in a state if “fight or flight” …the adrenaline switch had been flicked on and refused to go off. Day and night, for almost two months, I was in a constant anxiety mode. I couldn’t think calmly or logically (so essential at this time) and I was spiraling free-fall into a dark pit of fear – real terror. A kindly GP was only able to offer beta-blockers or anti-depressants… for me this was not an option. All I had left was myself – my health, and I did not want to trade the pit of fear for the whirlpool of drugs. I needed to be well and clear thinking. Then I remembered Judy. I made a journey to Inverurie and was thoroughly listened to and understood – emotionally and physically. I received wise lifestyle advice, reflexology and two lots of “potions”. The results were outstanding. Within forty-eight hours the adrenaline had subsided and my nights were less troubled, after ten days I was aware that my inner turmoil had calmed. One month and another visit on, I have a sense of well-being, my strength is returning and my brain function is clearer. The consultations made me feel soothed and healed. But it also seems like a partnership – Judy working with me to specifically tailor therapy to my needs, while enabling me to listen to and work with my body – I have a sense of control. For me, Judy’s approach is effective and safe.”

Female (50’s) Morayshire

Testimonial Ten

Joint stiffness and pain, and a skin condition

Dear Judy

First I would like to thank you for all your advice and help you gave me.

I am 50 Years old and I was suffering from joint pain and stiffness in my knees and elbows.
I had physiotherapy but I was still in constant pain and I could hardly manage to get up stairs. In addition I had problems with my skin condition for many years.

A colleague of mine introduced me to you and honestly that was the best thing what could happen to me.

During our conversation you advised me to change my diet in a certain way and to see my life from a more positive point of view as well.

It took only a couple of weeks and I noticed a real difference.
After months I still stick to my diet. I am so much more positive and as a result my skin has improved and the joint discomfort is nearly gone. I am glad to have my former energy back.

Again, I can’t thank you enough and I hope this testimonial is helpful for others:
It is truly possible to get back to a normal life by treating your body the right way.

Female, 50’s

Testimonial Eleven

Nausea and foggy-headed

I found Judy very helpful with my health issues, after many visits to numerous doctors I was unsure of where to turn. Luckily a friend mentioned Judy, and then began the journey of working through my problems. A very good listener and so knowledgeable in so many areas. I began to understand how my own body was operating and the causes of the issues which meant being able to take positive action myself to ensure continued well being. I would thoroughly recommend Judy’s services.

Female 40’s

Testimonial Twelve

Regaining health after treatment for serious illness

I first contacted Judy having had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I was suffering from the effects of the treatments which included tiredness, weight gain, hot flushes and very poor sleeping habits.

At my first appointment Judy put me at ease straight away and we discussed my health, diet and concerns at great length. I left with great dietary advice, herbal medicine very specific to my needs and supplements.

I continued to see Judy approximately once a month for a few months and I was able to report significant improvements each time we met. She would then alter my herbal medicine and supplements accordingly.

I am now feeling so much better! I have lost weight, my hot flushes have improved significantly and my sleep has improved greatly. My energy has increased too and am tackling a walking marathon in 2 weeks.

Thank you so much for your patience and advice Judy, I feel healthy, happy and ready for the future.

Female 40’s

Testimonial Thirteen

Acute flaring eczema, chronic fatigue

I went to see Judy because I was suffering from a severe flare up of my eczema and after months of trying steroids, antihistamines (I was taking many each day and even tried sedating antihistamines) and antibiotics, it was getting worse.  At the same time, my chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) had also flared up. Both my eczema and and CFS had been under control for approx. 10 years.

I had reached the end of my tether – I didn’t know what to do for right or wrong. I had become hypersensitive and seemed to be reacting to everything. Having had blood tests and patch testing, I avoided the foods I knew I was allergic to, took care about my diet generally and used organic/natural skincare and household cleaning products. I didn’t know what to do or what was causing my problems.

My eczema was affecting my sleep – I was getting 2-4 broken hours of sleep a night (even when taking prescribed sleeping pills).  I was struggling to attend work and carry out normal daily functions/tasks both as a result of my eczema and CFS symptoms. My relationship was also being affected as my husband struggled to deal with what was happening to me.

I had found that steroids did help initially but as I started to pull off them, my eczema would break out worse. Even when my skin was clear on the surface I felt itchy and could feel it under the surface. I felt that steroids and antihistamines were just suppressing the symptoms. I wanted to understand the cause, not mask the symptoms. My GP had tried everything he could think of and I was on a long waiting list to see a dermatologist privately.

I was recommended Judy by a friend. In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect. I was willing to try anything but was sceptical as to whether Judy would be able to help me. I thought perhaps Judy may be able to help me manage my symptoms until I saw the dermatologist.

At the initial consultation, Judy made enquires about my childhood and early adulthood and how my eczema and CFS was at each stage throughout my life. She gently enquired about my work, relationships and responsibilities to help her understand my life, and took note of my medical and medication history.

Judy made recommendations about my diet, nutrition, work/life balance and how to cope with stress, providing me with a treatment plan and various supplements and herbal remedies to reduce inflammation, support my adrenal glands and immune system and heal my gut wall. We introduced things slowly so not to overwhelm my body or confuse what was working and what wasn’t working.

About ten days after I started Judy’s treatment plan, I had a really bad flare up but with her guidance I remained determined to give her treatment plan a go and embrace her recommendations. After the initial flare up, things began to improve slowly but surely.  Judy also gave me something to help me sleep and although I had to take a higher dose than she recommended, I was getting more sleep (I was amazed that a herbal tincture before bed could have a more significant effect on me than the sleeping tablets prescribed to me by my GP).

I worked with Judy for about six months. I took on board her advice and embraced her recommendations. Within a month or two of initial treatment, my eczema was significantly better. Friends and family noticed the improvements and my energy levels also began to improve meaning that I was gradually able to reclaim my life and go back to work.

I didn’t want to be reliant on everything that Judy was prescribing so once I was better, Judy supported me as I gradually reintroduced foods and reduced the supplements and herbal medication I was taking. I continue to apply many of the stress management lessons that Judy taught me and take a few basic maintenance supplements.

I still go to Judy if I have any queries about my health and would certainly recommend her. Judy helped me regain my health and my life. Since seeing Judy I have not needed to take a single antihistamine or use any steroids. I did not even need to see the dermatologist as by the time my appointment became available, my skin was better. My energy has come back and I am so grateful to her for all that she gas done for me!

I lead a busy life and Judy has taught me to remember that my body can only do what it can do, and, I have to accept that. I need to listen to my body. Hard to do sometimes with work and family commitments but if I want to be happy and healthy, it is advice well worth listening to!


Female 30’s